Gem State Angel Fund Invest in Boise-Based Smart Agricultural Sprayer Company

November 15, 2018  //  Press Release

November 2, Boise, Idaho – The Gem State Angel Fund, an angel investment fund associated with the Boise Angel Alliance, has participated in an investment round in a Boise-based smart agricultural sprayer company. This investment follows investments made in the company by two earlier Boise Angel Alliance funds.

GenZ is an AgTech company that designs and develops smart sprayer technology intended for commercial growers of row crops, strawberries and wine grapes to protect their crops from pest and mildew. GenZ Smart Sprayers use patented technology that introduces air through a series of nozzles under a hood to create a turbulent environment for deeper chemical penetration.

GenZ technology recaptures and recirculates excess spray and significantly reduces chemical drift unlike traditional bar sprayers, air blast sprayers and electrostatic sprayers. The overall benefits are less chemical use, better material deposition, which translates into labor and chemical costs savings for the grower, higher kill rates and higher yields. Benefits of reduced chemical drift also include protection of the environment and community from overspray including reduction of the health risks for workers.

GenZ’s CEO, Charles W. Jepson, says, “The participation of the Gem State Angel Fund is critical to accelerating GenZ’s financing round and allowing us to continue to build on our strong growth path.”

The Gem State Angel Fund is a $1Million+ fund whose members are accredited investors. The fund makes investments in high-growth, early stage, local companies. The fund is affiliated with the Boise Angel Alliance, an organization primarily geared towards educating local Angel investors and creating ongoing investment capital to help Idaho’s startup economy.

The Boise Angel Alliance was created in 2004. To date, funds and members associated with the Boise Angel Alliance have invested close to $20Million, mostly in local companies. The companies receiving these investments have created more than 600 jobs in Idaho since the investments were made.

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About the Boise Angel Alliance
The Boise Angel Alliance stimulates the availability of early stage capital to Idaho entrepreneurs, by creating a community of investors and investment funds for private, early-stage businesses. Thriving entrepreneurship represents the brightest possible future for the state of Idaho.

About GenZ
GenZ Technology’s mission is to revolutionize the pesticide spraying industry by engineering more efficient, cost effective, eco-friendly spraying equipment designed to improve crop coverage, increase growers’ yields and profits, optimize chemical recapture, reduce pesticide costs, and minimize chemical waste and pesticide drift.

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