While little has changed with the inefficient methods of applying agricultural chemicals over the past 50 years, GenZ is revolutionizing the way crops are sprayed.

Our precision spray technology provides superior coverage, while increasing productivity and virtually eliminating chemical drift. The air-assisted tunnel design introduces air into crop allowing deeper penetration and superior coverage by spraying from multiple angles.

GenZ offers Smart Sprayers for row crops and strawberries that:

  • Increase productivity by improving efficacy and reducing the number of spraying cycles
  • Improve coverage and virtually eliminate chemical drift
  • Lower the risk of drift-related incidents for farm workers and decreases liability for growers

Economic Value

  • Achieves greater underside coverage and utilizes components that ensure  minimal downtime and maintenance


  • Sprayers that are adaptable and customizable to multiple crops and row spacings to meet growers’ and spray service providers’ needs

Environmental Sustainability and Safety

  • Protects against unwanted chemical drift and drip and reduces farm worker exposure to hazardous chemicals